29 dic. 2010

Jacket finished!


Finally I finished this jacket for Sorami. I'm so happy with it, 'cause at the end it looks better than I expect :D


Back (Finished)

Inside (Finished)

28 dic. 2010

New jacket!


I'm working in a new Jacket for my little girls. I love how it looks. Have some mistakes but it's made in a really beautiful fabrics :D
It's in process, but I'm sure it will look so cool on Sorami :D

Front (Unfinished)

Back (Unfinished)

23 dic. 2010

WIP ~ Polar T-shirt


New T-shirt on progress. I hope all you love it :D
Available soon in VDP

20 dic. 2010

~♥ Sweets 4 Cutes ♥~


Blythe wear!
I started to sew some simple T-shirts for our cute dolls. I hope all you like them :D
As soon as possible I'll update with new models :D

More info at VDP

23 nov. 2010

Tuesday, sunny tuesday!


Short update!!!!!!

After a so crazy weekend I'm back!!!
The wedding was wonderful! My little choco princess was the most beauty bride ever. It was fantastic. I'm so happy for her :D I'm waiting for the photos 'cause my cam made all moved :(
Aix! The only bad thing of all was that I spend my time after wedding in bed, with a fuc***g stomachache :(

Ok! As soon as possible I'll update with new photos, from wedding, from my new creations...

19 nov. 2010

Wedding time!


I'm so happy! Tomorrow, my little choco princess will be married with her lovely boyfriend :D
I will be her matron of honor and I'm sooooo happy. I know it will be a really beautiful day despite the weather :D
Here I post the shoes and some of the jewelry I will dress! :D

The shoes!!

Pink earings and a simple necklace :D

16 nov. 2010

Sewing T-shirts!

At the end I decide sew for sell. I decide start with a basic collection of striped T-shirts. Now I have only 3 in the "oven". When I'll have all them finished I'll post with a pic of all them and the prices. But, they'll be so cheap :D

Blythe Size. Available soon!

14 jul. 2010

Mene's birthday presents


I'm back but for short time! Tomorrow at 6:55 a.m. I'll be flying to FRA but first I would bring you a new update in my blog.
Today I come with a pic, the pic of happiness. Yesterday I spend my day with a couple of really good friends and, in the evening, I met Mene to give her birthday present. And she poses for me
with this face:

As soon as I have pics of her darling with their new clothes (handmade by MKroaki, aka Isa Sanz) I'll upload them! But till then:

Pic nots mine!

I want to upload the pics of Hinabara (Rinoa's girl) with her new clothes too, but I don't have pics :(

2 jul. 2010

Make it Happen - Raffle

Another one is coming. Meeel is making a raffle for her 2nd year in Blogspot! She's preparing some cute thing that are really Meeel. A Marian Keyes book, one cute bag, nails colors from essence and a lace for hair.
More info in her blog!

Info in spanish

28 jun. 2010

El Trastero de Lolita - Raffle


One more raffle. Now from "El Trastero de Lolita"! She celebrates 20000 visits in her blog and is doing a raffle. I'm so glad to participate!

Instructions in Spanish only

9 jun. 2010

Nicky Lad - Official Pics


Finally! She's here! She's Nicky Lad, my next Blythe! She's love! I'm really nervous, I want it now!! I can't wait more!


Random pics


Outfit details

All pics from: http://www.blythedoll.com/eng/news/2010/06/final_design_for_neo_blythe_ni.html

28 may. 2010

Nicky Lad


My little mini me is pre-ordered! I'm really happy! At the end I'll pay more than I expect, but I'm really sure that she will be the most cute :D

Pic nots mine!

18 abr. 2010

We're tired!!

That's the result of months of ultras in our neighbourhood. The residents have fallen out.
This uncivic ppl pee in our streets, in our doorways and left our streets fulls of dirty. We're tired!!
Major, we need a solution not words!!!

PS: So sorry about the audio, but it's in spanish.

11 abr. 2010

Jacket Project -> Finished!


Tha lasts days I started to sew a jacket for my Blythe. This was the first time I try to do it. And I'm really happy with it ^3^

This is how it look in the Blythe body

For do it, I started painting the fabrics inside of the jacket. I used special textile paint, white and neon pink.

Then I cuted the outside parts to start with the assembly.

When I had all the parts I started to sew them together. First the back sides, then the pockets and finally the arms.

After sew together all this parts, I sewed the collar parts and then I assembled it to the jacket.

I waited till the textile paint was dry (1-2 days) and then I assembled all the parts of the inside together.

When I finished to sew all this parts I assembled the outside part with the inside part.

I turned it and I added the decorative mini buttons and mini metallic hooks and eyes to close it. I made some seams in the brims.

9 abr. 2010

Heaven's diary Raffle

This awesome user is making a raffle. All her followers can participate, is open to all the people around the world. Go and read the rules!

Good luck to all the candidates!!


3 abr. 2010

The awesomest bunny ever!

This is my last creation. This sweet bunny outfit (Blythe size) is for Miss Iris. The ears were handpainted with the simbols from the english cards.

17 mar. 2010

Cassiopea Spice Raffle

I'm participating in this fantastic Raffle:

PS: I'm so sorry, but it's only for Spain ;(

16 mar. 2010

Sorami is in the SPA

I decided to give her a new body. She was looking for a more posable structure. In January I bought a body for her, a Pure Neemo Flection from Azone. But to give her this I needed at least open her head and then... Why don't give her a new make up too?
I opned her head. It was not really easy but... Now I can work!

Aaaah! But this is not a easy work... I put too many MSC on August and now take it out is like an Odissey T___T

Look her! I'm fighting with the MSC with alcohol and cotton but... ARG!

SWAP Blue + Chocolate

I recived this morning this fantastic package from Badajoz! I'm so happy, Ana Churretes sent to me a lot of beautiful fabrics and so sweet chocolates! OMG!

A lot of chocolate and sweets. And a really incredible ring!

And all the fabrics I recived

She sent me laces and minibuttons too. And in the package she put so cute stickers too!! OOOOMMGGG!!!
Thanks a lot!!

24 feb. 2010

Im Memorian

Today is a so sad day. Doubly sad. In 3 days I'll come back home and today is the 4th aniversary of my dad's death. But I can't cry, I made a promise. We'll be always hard, 'cause we're fighters. Nots time to tears, nots time to regrets... It's time to fight! For our dreams, for our goals and always with our chins up! We made a promise, never fail, fight always tirelessly! 'Cause one day all will change and all this sadness will become happiness.

Thanks for all my "Ugly witch". Thanks for give me the courage to fight, thanks for be always there.

Rest in Peace!

21 feb. 2010


In few days I'll come back home. I'm really sad, 'cause I love Germany over all, but I need come back, so many things I need to do before I can stay here longer than 6 months.
"Egal"! I'll come back but not alone. I'll flight with so many reminds and lots of presents :3

A couple of presents ^3^

As soon as possible I'll update with more crafts and my "AI" (Invisible Friend) presents ;P

7 feb. 2010

Work in progress

After some days out of service I decide start again. New things, new designs, new stupidities.
A little frame with felt and glitter, a white mini hat 'Only for princesses', more broochs...

White Mini Hat Project

Felt Frame Project

I know, I know, I need update my signature xDDD

4 feb. 2010

Some dreams come true...

...another ones never see the sun light!

I was working this X-Mas in a special hat for a friend of mine. 'Cause she buyed a new corse and I was thinking in a special gift for her birthday, something useful and cute. And this was how this little hat born.
It's made with black felt for the inside and red fabric and black lace for the outside. With two black ribbons for wear it.

After X-Mas I came back to Fulda and I started the design of two presents. Both for two friends of mine. One special for one girl that celebrates her 25th Birthday and another one for a girl that will flight to home for 5 weeks, leaving back the snow in Germany to enjoy the sun in Costa Rica.

The first one is this one, a present that never arrives to the girl. Correos Spain sucks a lot!! They stole it :(

Front side

Back side (incomplete)
The back side had 3 onigiris too. But, I didn't made photos of it finished at all :( I'm really sad, 'cause I worked on this so excited. It would be the first handmade gift she would have from me. After 5 years talking about :(

This second one is the present for a "Tica". And I hope she enjoy it ;P

19 ene. 2010

The banned and the banished

I found the 5 books of this saga of James Clemens on internet. They're in *.html format. But the problem is that the person that upload them put a lot of shit inside. And now I'm adapting all to a normal format and as soon as posible I'll transform all into *.pdf to print it. 'Cause I have them, but 3 in spanish (but Timus Mas make really horrible translations) and the last 2 in german. I know that is easy buy the e-books. But, then it's not interesting. That this work, the adaptation work, is really funny. I would translate the last 2 to spanish, some day. 'Cause if the spanish readers need to wait till Timus Mas or another editorial translate it.... we'll die waiting! xDDDDDDDDDD

9 ene. 2010

More Broochs


I was sewing more things this evenings. I had so many ideas in my head and out was snowing so hard. Fishes, skulls, flowers and strange creations screaming in my head. Productive evenings with a cup of coffee in my table and lots of colors in my treath's box.

Dead Fish

(8,5cms -- 4,5€)

Skull Flower
(9,5 cms -- 5€)

Choco kisses >3<

8 ene. 2010

Handmade Creations


Normally when the people is sick in home, they prefer sleep. But I'm a exception jijijiji

Inside my room, with my heater on I was sewing things:

A girl in White
(6 cms Ø -- 3€)

A Flower in Orange
(10 cms Ø -- 5€)

I was thinking on cats and fishes... But it's possible I'll do it another day jijijiji

Choco kisses >3<