19 ene. 2010

The banned and the banished

I found the 5 books of this saga of James Clemens on internet. They're in *.html format. But the problem is that the person that upload them put a lot of shit inside. And now I'm adapting all to a normal format and as soon as posible I'll transform all into *.pdf to print it. 'Cause I have them, but 3 in spanish (but Timus Mas make really horrible translations) and the last 2 in german. I know that is easy buy the e-books. But, then it's not interesting. That this work, the adaptation work, is really funny. I would translate the last 2 to spanish, some day. 'Cause if the spanish readers need to wait till Timus Mas or another editorial translate it.... we'll die waiting! xDDDDDDDDDD

9 ene. 2010

More Broochs


I was sewing more things this evenings. I had so many ideas in my head and out was snowing so hard. Fishes, skulls, flowers and strange creations screaming in my head. Productive evenings with a cup of coffee in my table and lots of colors in my treath's box.

Dead Fish

(8,5cms -- 4,5€)

Skull Flower
(9,5 cms -- 5€)

Choco kisses >3<

8 ene. 2010

Handmade Creations


Normally when the people is sick in home, they prefer sleep. But I'm a exception jijijiji

Inside my room, with my heater on I was sewing things:

A girl in White
(6 cms Ø -- 3€)

A Flower in Orange
(10 cms Ø -- 5€)

I was thinking on cats and fishes... But it's possible I'll do it another day jijijiji

Choco kisses >3<

7 ene. 2010



After some days out, I'm here again.
No so much to explain. Travel around the darkness is not a easy trip. But sometimes is a funny way to live.
Coming back to Germany, leaving behind my holidays in home, I was surprised with a really cool present.

I read the name of this cookie and I can't stop my laughs. Who gave this stupid name to this poor cookie? It had feelings!! Poor cookie!!!
Ok! I hope I can upload more pics and stupidities as soon as possible. I have a lot of new material, new brooches to show, and more of my decadence to write.

Choco kisses! >3<