28 ene. 2011

WIP ~ Jacket


I'm working in the Jacket and I think in few days I will have it finished =D

Collage ~ Jacket

26 ene. 2011

WIP ~ Jacket and dress


At the end I'm using some of the fabrics I have in my fabric-box :D

Today I come with 2 projects, one jacket and one dress. I'm sure they will look so sweet and retro. I hope if not :D

I hope you enjoy the evening as me ;D

All the table full of stuff

Detail of the sleeves

Detail of the dress I'm doing

25 ene. 2011

Valerie could be yours!!!!!!!


Ey! I'm here again with a new raffle. Now is Pamdolls, a really good Blythe customizer, who is doing it. She's making a raffle with one of her dolls, Valerie.
You can learn more about here.


Fabrics for dresses


I was dressing my room few days ago and I find some fabrics I had in bags. I love all them, I'm thinking about what to sew with them. Jackets? Dresses? Skirts? Pants? Amff!! I will upload all the things I'll do :D

Maris ® 2011

19 ene. 2011

Winter in my heart


This frozen is inside, in the deepest part of my heart. It makes me remind why I'm fighting, where are my goals, why I can't be defeat for the sadness of the moment... I will breath slowly and I will take it as the fighter I am. Not's time to cowards. Our chins will be always up 'cause we walk together, hand by hand, for make our dreams become true. Smiling as you taught us.

18 ene. 2011

A nice style raffle!!


Spanish only, sorry!

A nice style

Pues resulta que navegando por mis contactos he encontrado un enlace a este maravilloso blog. Y su creadora está sorteando una de sus maravillosas creaciones. No creo que me toque pero, la verdad es que sólo el hecho de hallar su blog ya es un buen regalo :D

Podreis saber más en: A nice style

Takara shoes!


At the end I recived my shoes of Takara from HLJ! They are so cute! The boots w/o heels are for my little Sorami and the others for Maris and Rigoberta :D I was so nervous 'cause I waited for a month since I paid them! But now I have them!!!!!!!!!! :D



14 ene. 2011

Skirt - Office Style (Finished!)


Finally I finished it! I will upload it to my VDP Sale thread! For more info leave a comment :D

Enjoy it!

Skirt - Back

Skirt (Front)

12 ene. 2011

My mobile sleeve (WIP)


Since I buy this mobile I had it without any kind of protection, 'cause it's too big for my old sleeve. Then I decided to create a new one with the japanesse fabrics that Lorea gave me from her trip to Japan. I'm so happy, soon I'll upload with the final result (I'm sewing the inside of the sleeve).

New sleeve for a new mobile!

Skirt - Office Style (WIP - Part 2)


I advanced a little bit in this project. And, really, I'm so happy with how it look. I'm sure it will be so beautiful. Soon I'll update with it finished and whit more pics :D
Enjoy it!!

Skirt Front

7 ene. 2011

Skirt - Office Style (WIP)


I'm so inspired today. I decide to start a new project. Now I'm sewing a skirt, Blythe size, and it's a hard work, 'cause is the first time I do a skirt of this kind. Apart from that this fabric is a little bit dark and it have a pattern that make the sewing harder. However I'm sure it will look so cool when I'll finish it :D

Office Style Skirt

Office Style Skirt

DSi XL Fake Leather Case


Some days ago I was working on this case. It has been a present for my honey. I was a little bit afraid, 'cause I have a DS but it's the Lite version and I was not really sure about if the case I was sewing would fit right. He said me that it fits perfectly and I'm sure he don't lie :D
I hope you'll enjoy it as I enjoy doing it ;D

DSi XL Fake Leather Case

6 ene. 2011

Our 3 magic kings presents


Here all the presents they left us tonight. I'm so nervous, I wanna open them!!!!!!!


Happy New year for all you!!!!

Outfits I done for me and others :D


Here I upload two collages of things I done previously. The first one is made with 3 pics, 2 fronts and 1 back of Bunny outfits I done (booth for SWAPS). The second collage is made with 2 pics of Sorami's Monkey hoody t-shirt :D

Bunny Outfits (Blythe size)

Monkey Hoody (Blythe size)

White Set


Finally I finished this basic set. It comes with a white t-shirt and white stockings.

White Set (Blythe size)