29 mar. 2011

Weekend trip


I was the last weekend spending my time with my little sunshine in L'Escala. Sometimes the sun was shining and then all became grey. Was funny!
In the apartment under ours was a french family, all time discusing (at least that's what I think, 'cause they spoke all the time so loud).
Aix! We walked around L'Escala and ate icecreams in the beach. It was just two days ago and I'm mising this time :( I miss our meal in the balcon, the fight with the Coco, the cereals without any kind of accompaniment...
Aix! Thanks a lot little sunshine! Was great ;D



22 mar. 2011

Colored Skirts


Some days ago I was doing this simply skirts with a tuto from VDP made by Carrapuchina. I'm so happy, they look so cool :D
I hope you love them as I :D

Blue skirts

Yellow and black skirt