29 dic. 2010

Jacket finished!


Finally I finished this jacket for Sorami. I'm so happy with it, 'cause at the end it looks better than I expect :D


Back (Finished)

Inside (Finished)

28 dic. 2010

New jacket!


I'm working in a new Jacket for my little girls. I love how it looks. Have some mistakes but it's made in a really beautiful fabrics :D
It's in process, but I'm sure it will look so cool on Sorami :D

Front (Unfinished)

Back (Unfinished)

23 dic. 2010

WIP ~ Polar T-shirt


New T-shirt on progress. I hope all you love it :D
Available soon in VDP

20 dic. 2010

~♥ Sweets 4 Cutes ♥~


Blythe wear!
I started to sew some simple T-shirts for our cute dolls. I hope all you like them :D
As soon as possible I'll update with new models :D

More info at VDP