29 mar. 2014

Drawing again


Sometimes I use to procrastinate hihihi
Today I spent my afternoon in the studio, crocheting a hat. My afternoon was going fine till I decided to fit in my Middie the hat which I just had finished... Oh! Wrong! Bad! Buuh!! I had to undo all the job I just had done... Then I decided to draw something and:


I need to improve my style. I need draw a little bit more...



9 feb. 2014

Life change and you should face it


Sometimes I wake up tired of this life, sometimes full of energy.

Last year was worst than horrible, no job, feeling like in a hole, questioning all I done... and at the end, light, a job, renewed energies. But, while all looks good the darkness comes back again in Christmas.
Yeah, last Christmas were kinda horrible, not worst than 8 years ago, but hard. Feel how you're losing half of your heart without a clear ¿why? it's not easy. Is like fall from clouds without parachute. But my "bald witch" taught me how face life, how become a fighter and that's the main reason because I'm trying to keep smiling.
I keep smiling because the tears, I keep smiling because the pain hurting my heart... I keep smiling... You taught me how to be a strong lady and why I should keep smiling... And this is what I'm doing,

Now I'm facing a new challenge. I have a shared studio with the talented Eli Basanta and a new position in my job, 4 months after my beginning as 24x7 Operator during weekends, I'm becoming Specialized Operator from Monday to Friday and I know my "bald witch" is feeling proud of me, 'cause from the top of this vast universe he is taking care of us as he used to do.

I will keep always smiling because of you, my "bald witch". You taught me of to become proud of myself and this is what I'm doing. Love came and now is gone but how we face this kind of situations is only our job.

You will be always in my heart and taking care of us from the top of the universe, and this is why I will never forget you, dad.