24 feb. 2010

Im Memorian

Today is a so sad day. Doubly sad. In 3 days I'll come back home and today is the 4th aniversary of my dad's death. But I can't cry, I made a promise. We'll be always hard, 'cause we're fighters. Nots time to tears, nots time to regrets... It's time to fight! For our dreams, for our goals and always with our chins up! We made a promise, never fail, fight always tirelessly! 'Cause one day all will change and all this sadness will become happiness.

Thanks for all my "Ugly witch". Thanks for give me the courage to fight, thanks for be always there.

Rest in Peace!

21 feb. 2010


In few days I'll come back home. I'm really sad, 'cause I love Germany over all, but I need come back, so many things I need to do before I can stay here longer than 6 months.
"Egal"! I'll come back but not alone. I'll flight with so many reminds and lots of presents :3

A couple of presents ^3^

As soon as possible I'll update with more crafts and my "AI" (Invisible Friend) presents ;P

7 feb. 2010

Work in progress

After some days out of service I decide start again. New things, new designs, new stupidities.
A little frame with felt and glitter, a white mini hat 'Only for princesses', more broochs...

White Mini Hat Project

Felt Frame Project

I know, I know, I need update my signature xDDD

4 feb. 2010

Some dreams come true...

...another ones never see the sun light!

I was working this X-Mas in a special hat for a friend of mine. 'Cause she buyed a new corse and I was thinking in a special gift for her birthday, something useful and cute. And this was how this little hat born.
It's made with black felt for the inside and red fabric and black lace for the outside. With two black ribbons for wear it.

After X-Mas I came back to Fulda and I started the design of two presents. Both for two friends of mine. One special for one girl that celebrates her 25th Birthday and another one for a girl that will flight to home for 5 weeks, leaving back the snow in Germany to enjoy the sun in Costa Rica.

The first one is this one, a present that never arrives to the girl. Correos Spain sucks a lot!! They stole it :(

Front side

Back side (incomplete)
The back side had 3 onigiris too. But, I didn't made photos of it finished at all :( I'm really sad, 'cause I worked on this so excited. It would be the first handmade gift she would have from me. After 5 years talking about :(

This second one is the present for a "Tica". And I hope she enjoy it ;P