23 nov. 2010

Tuesday, sunny tuesday!


Short update!!!!!!

After a so crazy weekend I'm back!!!
The wedding was wonderful! My little choco princess was the most beauty bride ever. It was fantastic. I'm so happy for her :D I'm waiting for the photos 'cause my cam made all moved :(
Aix! The only bad thing of all was that I spend my time after wedding in bed, with a fuc***g stomachache :(

Ok! As soon as possible I'll update with new photos, from wedding, from my new creations...

19 nov. 2010

Wedding time!


I'm so happy! Tomorrow, my little choco princess will be married with her lovely boyfriend :D
I will be her matron of honor and I'm sooooo happy. I know it will be a really beautiful day despite the weather :D
Here I post the shoes and some of the jewelry I will dress! :D

The shoes!!

Pink earings and a simple necklace :D

16 nov. 2010

Sewing T-shirts!

At the end I decide sew for sell. I decide start with a basic collection of striped T-shirts. Now I have only 3 in the "oven". When I'll have all them finished I'll post with a pic of all them and the prices. But, they'll be so cheap :D

Blythe Size. Available soon!