12 abr. 2011



HI! I'm glad to let you know that (soon) I will upload my blog with a Raffle for celebrate the 1000 visits!!!!!!!


4 abr. 2011

Losing weight [Part 1]


I wanna lose some weight, 'cause since some years ago I become bigger and that's not good for my health. Apart from this I'm allergic to dust and every step I take is harder than before. I'll do it... Yes! I'll do!

And 'cause I wanna wear my goth wear again for a book session with my little Aussie Croquette hihihihi:D

3 abr. 2011

New fan page!


Right now I have a fan page in Facebook! You can find there my art and lots of love!!! :D
I hope you follow me there too :D

Here is the link: ~ Sweets 4 Cutes ~