17 mar. 2010

Cassiopea Spice Raffle

I'm participating in this fantastic Raffle:

PS: I'm so sorry, but it's only for Spain ;(

16 mar. 2010

Sorami is in the SPA

I decided to give her a new body. She was looking for a more posable structure. In January I bought a body for her, a Pure Neemo Flection from Azone. But to give her this I needed at least open her head and then... Why don't give her a new make up too?
I opned her head. It was not really easy but... Now I can work!

Aaaah! But this is not a easy work... I put too many MSC on August and now take it out is like an Odissey T___T

Look her! I'm fighting with the MSC with alcohol and cotton but... ARG!

SWAP Blue + Chocolate

I recived this morning this fantastic package from Badajoz! I'm so happy, Ana Churretes sent to me a lot of beautiful fabrics and so sweet chocolates! OMG!

A lot of chocolate and sweets. And a really incredible ring!

And all the fabrics I recived

She sent me laces and minibuttons too. And in the package she put so cute stickers too!! OOOOMMGGG!!!
Thanks a lot!!