18 abr. 2010

We're tired!!

That's the result of months of ultras in our neighbourhood. The residents have fallen out.
This uncivic ppl pee in our streets, in our doorways and left our streets fulls of dirty. We're tired!!
Major, we need a solution not words!!!

PS: So sorry about the audio, but it's in spanish.

11 abr. 2010

Jacket Project -> Finished!


Tha lasts days I started to sew a jacket for my Blythe. This was the first time I try to do it. And I'm really happy with it ^3^

This is how it look in the Blythe body

For do it, I started painting the fabrics inside of the jacket. I used special textile paint, white and neon pink.

Then I cuted the outside parts to start with the assembly.

When I had all the parts I started to sew them together. First the back sides, then the pockets and finally the arms.

After sew together all this parts, I sewed the collar parts and then I assembled it to the jacket.

I waited till the textile paint was dry (1-2 days) and then I assembled all the parts of the inside together.

When I finished to sew all this parts I assembled the outside part with the inside part.

I turned it and I added the decorative mini buttons and mini metallic hooks and eyes to close it. I made some seams in the brims.

9 abr. 2010

Heaven's diary Raffle

This awesome user is making a raffle. All her followers can participate, is open to all the people around the world. Go and read the rules!

Good luck to all the candidates!!


3 abr. 2010

The awesomest bunny ever!

This is my last creation. This sweet bunny outfit (Blythe size) is for Miss Iris. The ears were handpainted with the simbols from the english cards.