26 sept. 2012

~ New Pants ~


A couple of months ago I was trying to make a new pants for my boyfriend's Action Man but they didn't look really cool...
Today I improve a new pattern and... TADÁ!

They look better but... are a little bit small in the back and so straight. I remade the pattern and, if possible, tomorrow I'll try again :D


24 sept. 2012

~ Reroot wefted PBP ~


Wow! Yesterday I was taking a look at this tutorial in We Love Blythe Brasil and today I decided try to do it with a scalp and 3 wefted bags of hair (all from Coolcat) I'd buy two years ago for give a new look to Sorami (she's based on my young sister and my sister's hair is curly and brown, not red as the doll I used has base (FrFr)).
My fingers hurts a lot but... it looks really great!

If you wanna try to do it you need:

 Wefted Hair (and a scalp)
And of course lots of patience!!!!

Here two pics with my progress till now:

Inside                                                                        Outside


20 sept. 2012

~ Picco Neemo bodies ~


I'm so excited, the new bodies I bought a couple of weeks ago are just arrived! Now I need to decide which one I'll use for my Carola Escarola.

Here some pics I took before take them out of the box:

Comparision with original body of Carola Escarola:

I'm really impressed with D body, it can stand up! But I'm not really sure if with Carola's head it'll stand up too :S

Here another comparission pic, now fitting faceplate:

Now I need decide: