20 dic. 2009

Kill me slowly

Inside my dreams, thinking about the life... thinking about my future... crying again. I miss my freedom, I need a life out there, but it's not easy.
I miss my friends here, I miss my freedom there. I love my way of live there, I love our parties here. Between two lives, between two worlds... but without money, I cann't try, I only have a way... my heart cries again... and then come my muses. Drawing dreams with smoke, killing stars with my pain...

So tired... so... so... t... ti... tired... T_T

13 dic. 2009

White dreams

In few days I'll come back home. But, now I don't want... it's snowing. All is white and cold, all is really beautiful. I'm sure I'll have a cultur shock, I'm sure it will be terrible. Barcelona is now so warm and always so noisy, dirty and full of people. I love this place 'cause it's totally different. The streets are full but not like in Barcelona. Stress is not visible here. And you can look at the sky in the night and see the stars shinning there. Have you never tried to do this in Barcelona? I can guarantee you that it's not possible. The sky is so poluted. Aix.... So sad.... I miss my life there but I love my life here...

12 dic. 2009

Day after day

My heart bump
like a martial song
drums in my head
I close my eyes again
I dream in a new day
Come an say my name
once more
only once more

Day after day I think in you. I don't want left this place, I don't want come back. My heart is crying, I made a promise but, the destiny is so cruel. Sometimes all change in the last moment. I wait for this chance, I wait for you. Stupid destiny I want walk by your side, but you run so fast and I'm so tired.

Inside my head
martial songs
Over the sky
flying away