12 jul. 2012

Custom process ~ Restarting

After more than a year I restart customicing a really special doll and I decide reupdate all the photos of the process.

Here the doll as she arrives on 2011

She arrived in very bad conditions and this makes me think about a better future for her.

I restored a little bit her mouth on 2011

I uploaded some pics in Flickr of the make-up I made her in 2011 and how I unmake-up her because I hate how she looks.

The first make-up I done in 2011
 Custom (Front)

Detail of her mouth
Custom (Lips detail)

Detail of her eyes in 2011
Custom( Eyes detail)

Details of her during the unmake-up
 Unmake-up process

It was hard but, little by little the make-up was removed
Unmake-up process

And I repainted her eyemech
Custom eyelid detail

Since then I tried to repaint her face with Montana (in Summer) because the green of her mouth (was rebuilded with green epoxi!!!! O__O), but it didn't give me a really good result and I sanded her face again and put her in a drawer. But, some days ago arrives Carola Escarola at home and I restarted my custom works. And her was not an exception. I was recarving her mouth, taking out some excess.

Now her mouth looks a little bit better

Here a detail of how her mouth looks now
I know it's complicated find the diference because I didn't take photos of her mouth in this position when she cames home. But, now the sides beside the mouth are soft, before they sides were like a precipice didn't looks natural.
BTW I hope I could give her a better life, because she'll be a special gift for someone really special.

I hope I could upload soon new pics of her!


8 jul. 2012

Making patterns

Some days ago I took mesurements to my boyfriend's Action Men. As result of my work and after size and resize the patterns I have this:


It's only a probe but I'm really proud of it :D
I hope I could update soon with new trousers and overalls for my boyfriend toys :D


5 jul. 2012

Customizing Carola Escarola


She's in home since the last week. I adopted she in Oh Blythe! City Forum.

Here the package!

                         My pic when she was just arrived!                                                             Photo of his previous father!

After think a lot why to do I started today customizing her. My boyfriend have a lot of tools and this was incredible, 'cause I don't have all the tools I need to customizing dolls ;P
                                                      Carola opened and ready to be customized!

I carved her mouth and nose. Now it's a bit rounded. But I need to work hard if I want she looks the most prettiest of this city!
Work detail

Work detail

I hope I could upload soon more pics of her ready to break this world!