14 jul. 2010

Mene's birthday presents


I'm back but for short time! Tomorrow at 6:55 a.m. I'll be flying to FRA but first I would bring you a new update in my blog.
Today I come with a pic, the pic of happiness. Yesterday I spend my day with a couple of really good friends and, in the evening, I met Mene to give her birthday present. And she poses for me
with this face:

As soon as I have pics of her darling with their new clothes (handmade by MKroaki, aka Isa Sanz) I'll upload them! But till then:

Pic nots mine!

I want to upload the pics of Hinabara (Rinoa's girl) with her new clothes too, but I don't have pics :(

2 jul. 2010

Make it Happen - Raffle

Another one is coming. Meeel is making a raffle for her 2nd year in Blogspot! She's preparing some cute thing that are really Meeel. A Marian Keyes book, one cute bag, nails colors from essence and a lace for hair.
More info in her blog!

Info in spanish