17 oct. 2013

Shoes I love


Ok, I have my blog so neglected.... really neglected.... Damm! I'm the worst blogger over this world hahahaha

Well! I decide to post today. Why? I dunno. Maybe 'cause in the last weeks I have a lot of slots opened in my Chrome... Facebook, Etsy, Gmail.... Iron Fist Online Shop! (Oh! Lord! I love shoes like kids loves candies!)... and I fall in a lot of crushes and I need to let the world know about my madness hahahaha.

One of my favourites are this one:

Peeper Creeper Super Scoop Platform ❤

High but comfortable. The foot bridge looks like it's not too steep and that's cool, 'cause means you can wear this shoes for more than a while.

The other ones I LOVE (are ULTRA COOL and LOVELY) are this ones:

Over The Rainbow Wedge ❤

The only thing I hate about this shoes is the price. 'Cause in US are ultra super cheap and in Spain the cost is double (sometimes triple). BUUUH!!!


21 abr. 2013



It's only an update 'cause for me this number means life! It was the year I came to this world and it's really funny enter to my blog an see it! :D


Thanks! Thanks! And thanks again! You make me smile! :D