17 oct. 2013

Shoes I love


Ok, I have my blog so neglected.... really neglected.... Damm! I'm the worst blogger over this world hahahaha

Well! I decide to post today. Why? I dunno. Maybe 'cause in the last weeks I have a lot of slots opened in my Chrome... Facebook, Etsy, Gmail.... Iron Fist Online Shop! (Oh! Lord! I love shoes like kids loves candies!)... and I fall in a lot of crushes and I need to let the world know about my madness hahahaha.

One of my favourites are this one:

Peeper Creeper Super Scoop Platform ❤

High but comfortable. The foot bridge looks like it's not too steep and that's cool, 'cause means you can wear this shoes for more than a while.

The other ones I LOVE (are ULTRA COOL and LOVELY) are this ones:

Over The Rainbow Wedge ❤

The only thing I hate about this shoes is the price. 'Cause in US are ultra super cheap and in Spain the cost is double (sometimes triple). BUUUH!!!


2 comentarios:

  1. me encantan que me encantan! sobre todo los segundos, soy muy fan de la cuña en general. se me hace comodísima. pero tengo un par como los primeros [en otro modelo] y son muy cómodos ^_^

    1. Mola saber que he tenido buen ojo con lo de la comodidad. Yo quiero elegir unos para pedirle a Roque que me los traiga de US. Pero, no sé cuales me gustan más! XD